What's it all about?

If you have been lucky enough to see these icons themselves perform live you are - and as a true fan of them you will understand this- extremely privileged. Such is the impact that the original musicians and performers had on decades of popular music, not just in the UK, but throughout the world.

Three guys from Nottingham were among those privileged followers of these great bands, and were fortunate to see them live. But what now? It’s great listening to those memorable tracks, particularly as it’s now fashionable again to drag out the vinyl, scratches and all.

However, this cannot give you the atmosphere of the stage shows, the exhilarating visual impact of those legendary performers on stage. So the next best thing has to be an attempt to recreate those unforgettable appearances. Tributes though, cannot be just about nostalgia- they have to be about the next best thing, without pretending that those who were truly great can ever be absolutely replicated.

What Andy, Danny and Phil set out to do was to select 6 top tribute bands in Europe- talented musicians and performers in their own right- and to put them on one line- up at one superb riverside venue near historic Hampton Court-  at an affordable price. Bearing in mind that there are 6 acts, we believed that we have achieved this.

Although they individually perform to sell out venues, we are delighted that all the bands jumped at the chance to share this stage.

This festival is not about individual glory, it is an unmissable salute to the icons these bands represent. It is dedicated to them, and to their armies of dedicated fans.

Molly Brown