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guitar rock festival

The ultimate line-up of Europe’s top tribute bands salutes some the greatest music icons of all time.

Individually they perform live to huge audiences. Now for the first time six stunning stage shows are brought together in a one-day celebration at our huge riverside venue close to the M25 near Hampton Court in Surrey.

DJ Tony Blackburn - himself an icon of broadcasting - lived the dream in the company of a generation of legendary artists, many of whom are sadly no longer with us. We are delighted to have Tony as host for the day - introducing the talent and “spinning the discs” between shows.

Our selection of artists include; Eagles - Performed by ‘The Illegal eagles’,AC/DC - Performed by ‘Live/Wire’Micheal Jackson - Performed by ‘Ben - The Ultimate Tribute’Queen - Performed by ‘Killer Queen’, Thin Lizzy - Performed by ‘Limehouse Lizzy’ and David Bowie - Performed by ‘Absolute Bowie’.

No-one suggests these icons can ever be replaced. But for those who revere their music this is an unmissable opportunity to hear and see musicians talented in their own right. They are simply, tributes at the very best.

Icons Festival 2019 is a family event set in a grassland park with easy rail connections presenting camping and caravanning, quality food and drinks - and above all, a celebration of awesome contributions made to music by artists who were truly iconic.

Get hands on your tickets at the early bird rate - Just £45 each!

Molly Brown