Killer Queen

Killer Queen offers a high quality tribute show featuring all the classic hits, performed with energy and excitement reproducing the atmosphere that always engulfed a live QUEEN concert.

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band history

The ultimate tribute to Queen featuring Patrick Myers as Freddie Mercury, performing since 1993. Killer Queen give performances as close to the real thing as possible, leading to the band being chosen to represent Queen in a restaged tribute to Live Aid concert held by Sir Bob Geldof!

Thrilling sell-out audiences across the globe from the UK to Moscow, Killer Queen recreates the high energy, powerful phenomenon that was Queen live.

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Fronted by Patrick Myers as Freddie Mercury, Time Out described Patrick’s resemblance to Freddie Mercury as ‘Spooky’his uncanny likeness was further proven when he recorded a number one hit single singing as Freddie Mercury on Fat Boy Slim's record The Real Life!

This quality, combined with a powerful 3 1/2 octave tenor range, expert musicianship and dynamic stage presence, has captivated audiences the world over.

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“Not to be missed”
Brian May

"Patrick Myers' recreation of Queen's lead singer is simply uncanny.”
— Daily Mail

"Killer Queen are uncannily accurate. Freddie/Patrick strutted for all the world is if it were Live Aid"
— Kate Lock BBC

"Very accurate. Almost frightening.  Patrick's spark set the 10,000 Ahoy audience on fire. The best thing since Queen!"
— Der Western

"Concerts as near to the real thing as you're likely to get. Freddie Lives! A Pop Legend Is back"
— The people

"The performance was scarily real. The crowd roared, and danced as though it was a requirement for entry. Brilliant."
— The Scotsman 

"An absolutely fantastic show. I've never seen the arena explode with such an electric charge. A Concert to remember"
— VLT sweden